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With bowel, oesophageal and stomach disease on the increase it is becoming ever more important to have an up-to-date assessment of your gut.

At International Digest® you have the opportunity for detailed assessment, examination and explanation of any problems that you may be experiencing. ¬†You will be examined by a specially trained doctor during an unhurried consultation lasting from one to two hours in pleasant and quiet surroundings.

Specifically tailored blood tests will be carried out and the results used to determine whether scans and/or endoscopies should be arranged to establish a diagnosis. An appropriate solution would then be discussed.


For already diagnosed cases of IBS a consultation will be arranged with a doctor which will be immediately followed by an hour-long session with our registered dietician and FODMAT diet consultant.

There will be a follow-up consultation with our dietician using Skype.

A personalised nutrition and dietetic consultancy is also available.

More information can be found at the International Digest® website.